Rose learns how to solder

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Rose Soldering
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Rose, a teacher at Nagel Middle School, came in to take our first 3D printing class and got more than she bargained for!

Rose was a volunteer at last fall’s Mini Maker Faire and likes to teach her students about making. She asked us if we could help her with a problem. She had some small circuit boards with the USB ports broken off. The boards are called Makey Makeys¬†and she uses them in class as an educational aid. She asked “Can you fix these for me?” Our answer was “No, but we will show you how to”. We took her into our fledgling electronics room and gave her a quick lesson in soldering and put her to work. In a few short minutes she had them repaired and was on her way.

The majority of things that happen at The Manufactory are not groundbreaking, they are everyday things, but important nonetheless. Rose’s entire yearly budget for such things was tied up in those boards, if she needed to buy new ones it would be next year before that would happen and next year’s budget, would already be spent.

Keep up the good work Rose, we are proud that we could help.

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