Plans and Classes Brochure


Standard Membership Prices

Membership Type Daily One Month Loyalty Discount1 Yearly
Individual $35, 5 for $150 $140 $120 $1,200
Family member2 $60 $50 $500
Student3/Senior4/Military5 $110 $90 $900
Wood Shop Only $110 $90 $900

1 Recurring membership renews monthly with automatic payment. There is no obligation and you may cancel at any time.
2 Family member must be member’s spouse/partner residing in the same household or child/grandchild under the age of 18.
3 Over 18 and enrolled full time in an accredited educational institution.
4 65 years of age or older.
5 Currently active in the armed forces.
Yearly memberships may be suspended or transferred, just talk to us.
Rates subject to change.


Do I need to have any special skills to be a member?
No, a very important part of The Manufactory experience is to learn by doing. We have classes that will teach you the basics as well as more advanced techniques. Your fellow members and our staff can be a good source of learning as well. Watch, learn, do it!

So all I have to do is sign up and I can start using the machines?
Sorry, but it’s not that simple. Everyone must first attend a Basic Safety Orientation Class. This class will teach you how the facility works and the basic safety information that you need to protect yourself and other members from harm. Once you have taken the course you will receive your membership card which allows you access to the shop floor and the use of non specialized equipment. In additional, most of the advanced machinery, anything that requires special knowledge, can be hazardous or damaged if improperly used requires a specific SU course be taken before you can use the equipment. You do not need to be a member to attend any of our classes, however, members do enjoy a discounted rate. Our insurance requires these classes and we want everyone to have the same understanding of the methods and rules regarding the use of the equipment.

What is NOT included in my membership?
Basically we do not provide items that are consumed or wear out quickly. Things such as drill bits, sandpaper, plastic for the 3D printer, lumber, metals, etc. are not included as part of your membership. There are exceptions however, for example, we have some tooling that can be signed out and returned in good condition at no additional charge, if you break a tap you must replace it. Consumables such as welding gases or MIG wire are included as long as you don’t use large amounts. We have an on-site store where you can purchase these items or you are welcome to bring in your own.

I want to build a coffee table, will you show me how?
We can teach you basic woodworking skills, such as joinery techniques that you can use to build the table but applying the techniques is your job. We do however offer project classes, such as our occasional table class, where you actually build a very nice project while learning under the guidance of an experienced instructor.

Can I use the equipment as much as I want?
Yes, but you cannot monopolize it. You can use any machine that you are eligible to operate, whenever it is available. We have an online system where you can reserve a machine.

Is there a place to leave my stuff?
Yes, we have a variety of rental lockers available for your projects and tools. In general you cannot leave projects in the shops. However, if you are leaving at closing time and will be back the next morning you may leave your project out but the area must be cleaned up and tools put away.

Who cleans up my mess?
You do, enough said.

What can I build?
That is up to you!

Basic Metal Shop Class
Basic Metal Shop Class


Have you have recently taken early retirement or been downsized and received a severance package? Many of these packages will pay for retraining. Classes and/or membership at The Manufactory often qualify under these plans and will be paid for by your former employer.

Contact the coordinator of your program to find out if you can use your benefits to learn new skills at The Manufactory!