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Robotics scrimmage
The Nuts! and 7 Sigma teams scrimmage in The Manufactory before the tournament.

The Ohio 2015-2016 FTC Championship was held at iSpace on Saturday, February 13th.  If you want to be inspired by today’s youth, you need to meet the young people that participate in these competitions … a good place to meet them is at The Manufactory! For the past several months we have had the pleasure of supporting two teams building awesome competition robots. Both of these teams were at the top of the leader board during the qualifying rounds.

Some of the 7 Sigma team showing off their Champion robot
Some of the 7 Sigma team showing off their Champion robot

Highly seeded Team 10030, 7 Sigma, was undefeated the entire tournament, and in the final match they were victorious as team captain of the overall winning alliance. Their press release can be read here.

Walnut Hills robotics team
The Nuts! practicing their presentation

Team 6133 of Walnut Hills High Schools Nuts! were undefeated and ended up the #1 seed going into the semi-finals. Unfortunately they faltered when a connection became unplugged during the semi-final competition ending their pursuit of the championship. However, more importantly, they won the 2nd place Inspire Award, Motivate Award and others which qualifies them to advance to the next tournament.

Both teams qualified to compete in the North Super Regional Tournament that takes place in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, March 17-19. Congratulations to these teams for such a great showing and we look forward to seeing them advance.

The approach the teams took to solving this year’s challenge were radically different. 7 Sigma’s approach was more human-like, involving the use of an arm resembling a loader bucket that rotated around the robot. The bucket not only scooped up the material from the field but was also used to deposit it in the appropriate receptacle. It involved a complex system of gears and pulleys to accomplish its task. Appearing delicate to the uniformed, it proved to be a mighty opponent in the hands of it’s capable drivers.

The Nuts built a substantial structure inside a compact frame. It involves a complex mechanism that rapidly gathers in the blocks and balls from the field.  An unusual tank tread mechanism on telescoping arms quickly deposits its quarry into the receptacles much faster than their opponents.

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