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What’s New!

Welding_FloorWelding_Plasma_TableWeldersWelding/Hot Shop gets an upgrade!

The Welding/Hot Shop has a beautiful, new aluminum diamond plate floor. We added this floor because the existing epoxy/urethane floor was not going to stand up to the hot sparks flying around and was going to look and smell bad in short order. In addition to the new floor we added welding curtains that divide the room off so that 3 people can work safely in the room at the same time. Last but not least we added a utility tub with running water for cooling purposes.  This will make changing the water in the plasma table much easier!

Dust_Collection_HitachiDust Collection

The dust collection system in the Wood Shop has been completed.  All the machines have been hooked up which will make life much easier for our woodworkers.  We have three separate dust collectors servicing the room and the appropriate one is automatically turned on when a machine is used!


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