Skull Sessions

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Skull_on_shirtWant an opportunity to meet other makers, make new friends, bounce ideas around? Come to a Skull Session at The Manufactory.

The Manufactory hosts a continuing series of meetings open to members and non-members, so tell your friends and family. The gatherings are a combination of formal presentations/discussions followed by an opportunity to meet new people and catch up with old friends. Thursday is a Late Nite, so we are open until 11 pm. Skull Sessions are held on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month.

If you have something that you would like to discuss or present, please contact us, to be put on the agenda. Areas open for presentation/discussion are very broad, so don’t be shy.

  • Personal or group project ideas
  • I need help with . . .
  • Talk about other clubs you belong to and what you do there
  • Charitable work
  • I think The Manufactory should get a . . .
  • I made this and I want to show it off. It doesn’t need to have been made here.
  • Interesting new technologies
  • My company makes these and it is really cool
  • Anything that our members would find interesting

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