The Manufactory

Opening Day!

The Manufactory will open for business on Saturday, January 11th.  Saturday will be an open-house style event from 10-6, with an opportunity for visitors to tour the facility, ask questions and sign up for membership. Sunday, January 12th will be our first day of regular operations. We will be open on weekdays 10-8 and weekends 10-6.

At 3:30 pm Saturday we will have our first Basic Safety Orientation class which will be limited to 20 member attendees. Additional classes will be offered during the following week as demand dictates.

For the first several weeks will be operating in Beta Mode which is our way of bringing the management and staff of our space together with our members in a less formal manner to help us better understand the needs of our members and to establish a user friendly atmosphere.  Once the beta phase is complete we will open for full membership. While in beta mode our operation will have the following key differences:

  • Initially, membership will be limited to 50 (including instructors), we will increase this limit as things progress.
  • Prospective members must have experience working in a shop environment and have experience with the machines they would like to operate (if you are a novice, please wait until we are fully open).
  • All members will be required to take our Basic Safety Orientation class prior to using the shop space. You may sign up for membership at any time but your membership period will not begin until you have taken this class.
  • In lieu of the required Safe Use classes to operate equipment, a “checkout” will must be performed with a staff member to ensure that the member has the adequate knowledge necessary to operate the equipment safely.  Once a Safe Use class is available for the equipment the member will be required to take the class, at a discounted rate, to continue operating the equipment.
  • Operation hours will be shorter. M-F  10-8, Weekends 10-6. Hours will be somewhat flexible and subject to change.
  • All of our equipment will not be operational at all times.  Some machines still need upgrades, repairs, etc. We will post on this site the operational status of most of the major equipment.  If you have specific equipment needs, please check the status or ask before joining.
  • Class schedule will be limited and classes may be less structured until the education program is fully developed.

In consideration of the limitations during the beta period we will be offering an Early Adopter Special.  This membership will be the only membership offered during the beta period. For $240, the price of 2 regular months, you will get 3 months of membership and free safety orientation class.


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