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New Classes Added

PLEASE NOTE!: Classes will no longer appear on the event calendar.  We are now hosting classes on the same system as we are using for equipment reservations.  Classes can be found here. This improved system is more tightly integrated and will allow participants to reserve and pay with ease.

New Classes

We have added three new classes and expect to be adding a lot more in the coming weeks. Classes are open to members and non-members.

  • Basic Metalworking Safe Use. This class is an introduction to our metalworking shop. Participants will learn to use several basic metalworking tools; cold saw, vertical and horizontal band saws, drills, grinders and some hand tools to make an industrial strength version of a common household item. The class will also provide an introduction to metallurgy, explaining the basic types of metals and their properties. Upon completing this class members will be qualified to operate the saws, drills and grinders in the metal shop.  It is also a prerequisite for all other Safe Use and advanced metalworking classes.
  • Dimensioning Lumber Safe Use.  In this class we will explore the complexities of wood and how to read the grain to obtain optimal results using the jointer, planer and table saw to convert a rough sawn board into a flat, square piece of lumber which is the foundation for any woodworking project. Upon completion of this class, members will be qualified to use the jointer, table saws and planer in the wood shop. Prior completion of the Basic Wood Shop Safe Use is a prerequisite to take this course.
  • 3D Printing Safe Use. Without a doubt 3D printing is the hottest technology in the world today. Learn the basics of how they work in this quick intro to the use of our Makerbot Replicator 2 3D printer. You will get a brief introduction to SketchUp, a free 3D modeling program. You will then learn how to convert the SketchUp model into an X3G file which is used to turn your virtual model into the real thing on the Makerbot. Participants are encouraged to download SketchUp and learn a little about it before attending the class. Upon completion of this class, members will be qualified to use the Makerbot.

To see all our classes see our schedule.

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