The Manufactory

Hit the ground running!

Our education coordinator Seth has been working very hard developing interesting and informative classes. Working side by side with our growing team of experienced experts, they are creating classes that serve the needs of novices and experts alike. The development of these classes marks the beginning of the end of  beta phase.  Within weeks we will be opening up The Manufactory to all. If you have been hesitant to join because you felt you did not meet the requirements to be a beta member, your time is coming soon. In fact, if you have a particular area of interest, that already has classes available, you may join now and take advantage of the Early Adopter Special.

You can hit the ground running by taking your classes now and joining at a later date. By doing this, you will be able to start right away building that project you have been dreaming of, as soon as you join.  You also can take advantage of smaller class sizes, and for the time being there will be no additional materials charge! Check the calendar frequently, we will be adding many more classes in the coming weeks.


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