The Manufactory

Cincinnati MakerFaire was FANTASTIC!

Even though it was cold and rainy, a good crowd was at Cincinnati’s first MakerFaire. We saw a lot of very creative and interesting things made by a lot of creative and interesting people. Washington Park was full of flashing lights, flames shooting in the air, music, dancing, robots, food and lots of hot coffee! The power tool racing was too insane to describe.

The Manufactory booth was full of people all day long. A nonstop stream of people, curious about our space. We had our 3D printer there as a demo and it was a big hit, as were the free tape measures and chocolate. We had examples of only a few of the things that members will be able to do using the tools in the Makerspace. We learned a lot about what potential members are interested in and have already started implementing changes into our plan to address the suggestions. Our goal is to be very member driven and dynamic.

We would like to give a big thanks to Jason Langdon, his crew, and the other sponsors and exhibitors for all the fine work they did putting this together and making it a success.

For all you makers out there looking for a project for next year’s MakerFaire, a weather machine is a suggestion. It would be an even bigger hit than The Manufactory booth and power tool race combined, and we have just the place for you to build it.

Jim Tarbell came by to toot our 3D printed horn for us!

Jim Tarbell came by to toot our horn for us.




Even with the rain and cold our booth was packed most of the day

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