Art created for 3CDC’s new headquarters

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Assembling the Aluminatti for 3CDC's headquarters
Jeff assembling a panel of Aluminatti

Jeff Welch, an accomplished Industrial, Architectural and Graphic Designer, has created a unique and beautiful piece of art for 3CDC’s new headquarters in Over-the-Rhine.

The all aluminum design, creatively named the Aluminatti, was built at at The Manufactory. Originally conceived on a much smaller scale, Jeff enlarged the concept to cover a wall two stories high, to win the 3CDC commission.  The final project consisted of 20 individual panels covering an area 15 ft. by 22 ft.  Jeff used the CNC plasma table to cut up over 60 – 4 ft. x 8 ft. sheets of aluminum to form the substructure and topographical features of the map.  Jeff, his family and friends painstakingly finished and assembled the panels prior to transporting them to 3CDC’s headquarters for installation.  The design seamlessly integrates the stairs, handrail and even some pipes.

Plasma cutting Aluminatti
Plasma cutting Aluminatti

The Manufactory is very proud to have provided the opportunity for Jeff to accomplish this very impressive undertaking.  See more of Jeff’s work at his website, the project photos can be seen here.

Jeff is always coming up with new, interesting projects and he uses our technology to help him make his projects better and faster.