The Gorilla in The Manufactory

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by Lee Krieg

Glenn Warner was grinning ear-to-ear when he walked into my office the other day. Really not unusual, Glenn is a very friendly guy and is always smiling. But I could tell, there was something more. Without much prompting, Glenn began to tell me the story of how, while at the World Maker Faire in New York, he was asked by Intel if they could take some video of him. He agreed, and a few weeks later the video was posted. After only a few days, the Intel folks started calling to tell him that his video was taking off and getting views faster than any they had previously published.

Glenn is a long term member of The Manufactory who owns and operates Gorillamaker 3D Printers. He will tell you that he “makes the biggest, baddest 3D printers around”, that’s not hyperbole, he really does! Glenn makes parts for his printers right here at The Manufactory and thanks to his superior product and newfound fame he has been making a lot of parts. So next time you see Glenn roaming our space, ask him about his printers and how he feels about The Manufactory.

Gorilla is just one of the many businesses, big and small that leverage The Manufactory’s resources to their advantage. Access to our tools and space is just part of the story. Our members often find ways to work together for their mutual benefit. A wide variety of knowledge skills and backgrounds exist in the brain trust of our members.