Below are general descriptions of positions available at The Manufactory.


A crew member’s basic duty is to help members get the most from their membership. Major duties include but are not limited to:

  • Work at the front desk to welcome members and sign them in/out
  • Explain membership options, sign up new members, assist with membership issues, billing, etc.
  • Check in/out special tools and equipment from the tool crib
  • Check out purchases from the store
  • Assist members with equipment and tools, replace/replenish supplies, etc.
  • Perform duties on the rotating job schedule

Benefits include:

  • A fair wage
  • Flexible schedule
  • Membership (minimum work hours per month required)
  • Crew members may attend any class that is not filled at not charge (fees must be paid,¬†minimum work hours per month required)
  • Work in a stimulating environment with interesting people and enjoy your work!


We are looking for individuals that have the talent to teach the special knowledge and skills that they posses. If you have experience with equipment and techniques that you think our members would find interesting please consider teaching a class.

We have a basic outline of classes we would like to provide but we need input on how to best accomplish this.

We need educators capable of fulfilling the following needs:

  • Work with our Education Coordinator to develop an educational program including an easy to follow learning guide covering basic safe operation of the equipment. Members will be required to take these classes prior to being permitted to operate the equipment. The main goal is to teach them to operated the equipment in a manner that will keep them from harming themselves, others or the equipment. ¬† Some classes will be devoted to a single machine whereas others will combine several related machines together.
  • Teach the above classes above.
  • Develop educational programs similar to the above but involving more advanced techniques, or classes that can be taken just for fun. These classes will be voluntary.

Benefits include:

  • Free membership for teaching a minimum number of class hours per month and/or program development.
  • A portion of each paid tuition
  • Work in a stimulating environment with interesting people and enjoy your work!

If you are interested in any of these positions please fill out an application. Note: You will need to save this form on your computer in order to fill it out and email.