COVID-19 Update

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This page will be updated as this rapidly changing situation evolves.

Per Ohio government orders for non essential businesses, The Manufactory will be closed beginning Tuesday, March 24th. We will remain closed until the April 6th or such time that the order is no longer in effect.

All memberships will be paused during this period. Pausing means that we will not process any membership auto-pays during the closure. Once we reopen your membership cycle will be adjusted so that you will not pay for days that we were closed and your membership will resume.

Charges for office, studio, locker or other space will continue to be made.

If you need access to the space to get tools, projects, etc. the building will be accessible on Wednesday, March 25th and Friday, March 27th, Noon til 6:00.

We ask for your patience during these trying times. The virus outbreak and loss of a critical family/staff member at the same time has made things extremely difficult on both a personal and professional level.